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Download the plugin (version 2.1)

The Texturize plugin is available under the GPL license. This, among other things, means that you can use this program free of charge, for any use (including commercial), and that you are free to distribute it to other people.



Here is a binary of version 2.1 for Windows. You can also find version 2.0 Windows here. Thanks to Aurimas Juška and Michael Schumacher for compiling our plugin for Windows !

See here how to install it on your system.

Debian package

A Debian package (version 2.1) is available thanks to Mohammed Adnene Trojette and is extremely popular! It appeared in the sarge (oldstable) distribution, so it is most probably available in your package management software (like apt-get, aptitude, synaptic...).


Here is a binary for Intel processors (version 2.0), and here is a binary for PPC processors (version 2.1). Thanks to David Keech for providing us with the Mac PPC binary!


You can find the sources on Github.

Thanks to Dennis Lichtenthäler, there is an ebuild for Gentoo Linux and its package management system, Portage. Here is a howto about Installing 3rd party ebuilds.